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Talk With The Top,

Eliot Frick of bigwidesky

August 29, 2016

A Bit About Eliot linkedin-logo-3 twitterbird

The CEO and founder of marketing company Bigwidesky, Eliot Frick, has long been frustrated with our calcified communications theories and business cultures that ignore and exclude the humans at the center. In addition to serving as Bigwidesky’s synthesist and futurist, Eliot is a sought-after author and speaker on topics as disparate as epistemology, political science, economics, user-centered design and media studies. It was Eliot’s TEDxGatewayArch Talk, “Geese from Bottles: Saving Business by Making It More Human,” that became a springboard for Be Human Project, a non-profit focused on emboldening leaders to experiment with human-centered practices.

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